We are introducing you to our new "Hair Growth Oil".

100% Organic



"Growing up, I was always blessed with long, healthy and natural hair. I was always told that it was an inheritance from my grandmother. When I was in my early teenage years, I had to do (the big chop) because my hair was damaged from relaxing my hair. I then learnt how to maintain my natural hair. I used to play around with natural oils and mix the same ingredients every time. I knew there & then that I had figured it all out on how to grow my hair into nice, long, healthy & thick hair. This hair growth oil was my secret!


I had problems growing out my beard, my beard would never grow evenly and I had empty patches. My girlfriend was using the hair growth oil and one night after doing my skincare I used the oil and my beard felt very soft and was easy to comb through. 3 weeks after continuously using the oil, my empty patches had filled up. I must say, I was impressed.

- Emmanuel

I had a very dry scalp and the oil has helped with moisture. My scalp isn't flakey anymore.

- Tracy

I don't have split ends anymore

- Audray